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Con Majority 39 Con Plurality 4 Con Total 43
Lab Majority 8 Lab Plurality 1 Lab Total 9
LD Majority 3 LD Plurality 1 LD Total 4
Oth Majority 1 Oth Plurality Oth Total 1
No Plurality 1 1

Of the 52 Conservative held seats in this region, the party has a majority in 39 and a plurality in a further 4.
There are 6 Conservative held seats which have a majority of Labour councillors, namely: Great Yarmouth; Harlow; Ipswich; Stevenage; Thurrock; Waveney and 1 other with a Labour plurality, namely: Bedford
There are 2 Conservative held seats which have a majority of LD councillors, namely: St Albans; Watford

In the 2 Labour held seats in the region, Labour holds a majority of councillors

Of the 4 LD held seats in the region, only 1 (Colchester) has a majority of LD councillors while another (Cambridge) has a plurality. IN North Norfolk the LDs are tied for a plurality with the Conservatives and in Norwich South the Greens have a majority

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