Gillingham & Rainham 2015

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Jacqui Berry
Liberal Democrat
Paul Chaplin
Rehman Chishti
Paul Clark
Mark Hanson
Roger Peacock
Mike Walters
Neil Williams

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  1. Since the last election I have contacted Rehman Chishti on numerous occasions, and whilst he nearly always replies, I cannot remember a single time where he has actually answered my questions. I even got to the stage of writing that I had listed specific numbered questions to which I wanted specific numbered answers rather than the standard ministerial waffle. What did I get? The standard waffle. How do I know it is standard? Because I got EXACTLY the same answer, word for word, to completely different questions. I know that these standard answers have also been sent to others because one reply had my address but someone else's name on it.

    On one occasion I wrote about the case of a woman who was in hospital in a coma (and had been for many months) whose disability benefits had been stopped because the DWP had decided that she was fully fit to work. I asked how it was possible for anyone to conclude that this woman was capable of any form of work. His reply was that the Government had a wonderful policy that was helping the disabled get back to work.

    Another letter was about two cases of where benefits had been stopped; in one case it was because a man had prioritised attending a Job Centre interview over attending an actual job interview, and in the other it was because the man had prioritised attending an actual job interview over attending a Job Centre interview. In other words, where someone had both a Job Centre interview and an actual job interview, it didn't matter which they prioritised because their benefits would be stopped. So how could the Government justify this? You've probably guessed... his reply was that the Government had a wonderful policy that was helping the disabled get back to work.

    So as far as I am concerned Rehman Chishti is useless as an MP.

    I do hope we get someone elected who will actually answer constituents' questions. If not I will tell everybody how useless they are as well.