Somerton & Frome 2015

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Ian Angell
Alan Dimmick
David Oakensen
Liberal Democrat
David Rendel
Theo Simon
David Warburton


  1. Sarah Yong stood down for personal reasons, and was replaced by David Rendal

  2. It is time to consider where and to whom you will put your allegiance. Myself will be backing UKIP the party I find to be truly libertarian. Not only do I find them a breath of fresh air after suffering for so many years at the hands of the so called political correct brigade, but I find their common sense approach to difficult issues refreshing too. Britain and its citizens have had the same career politicians running the show, and very badly at that. UKIP I find attract its members from right across the political spectrum. Ordinary women and men have and are flocking to them in their droves. The reason why is because they have not been afraid to tell the truth; which is rare in any politician. The fear shown by the establishment and the smear tactics employed by UKIPs opposition has back fired on the ones doing the attacking. Like the school bully who can not get his way, UKIPs opposition have reverted to type and have started to call the ordinary people who voted for UKIP in the European elections names. They will insult on social media networks, not to mention utilise all their contacts within the main stream media. New papers have been printing unfounded allegations only later to retract them afterwards when threaten with liable. T.V presenters and news readers have distorted facts about UKIP and in some extreme circumstances even lied about what UKIP actually stand for. In fact UKIPs opposition are that frightened by UKIP gaining even more support they have tried to change the law so that UKIP can not have a fare chance in the general election of winning seats in parliament. Fortunately the ordinary citizen that is now backing UKIP will have the final say. I thank god for democracy and the British way of delivering poetic justice to the bully. I will be voting for UKIP in the general election and I hope you will too. Peace.