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Con Majority 24 Con Plurality 1 Con Total 25
Lab Majority 37 Lab Plurality 1 Lab Total 38
LD Majority 6 LD Plurality 1 LD Total 7
Oth Majority 1 Oth Plurality Oth Total 1
No Plurality 2 2

There is a very strong correlation in London with seats held at Westminster and seats where parties have a majority of councillors. There is obviously a strong correlation everywhere, but it is strongest in London, largely because the councillors and MPs were elected at the same time

Of the 28 Conservative held seats, 22 have a majority of Conservative councillors and another 1 has a plurality. There are two seats where the Conservatives are tied with Labour on the number of councillors which leaves three Conservative held seats where another party has a majority of councillors, namely:
Hornchurch & Upminster where the Residents do and Enfield North and Harrow East where Labour does.
In the case of Harrow East the Conservatives won a majority (14/13) in 2010 but one of their councillors has defected to Labour via a spell as an Independent giving Labour a majority

Of the 38 Labour held seats 34 have a majority of Labour councillors and 1 has a plurality. This one, Poplar & Limehouse, returned a majority of Labour councillors in 2010 but they have lost that majority through defections. This leaves three seats where another party has a majority or a plurality, namely:
Hampstead & Kilburn has a LD plurality. Tooting and Westminster North have Conservative majorities

Of the 7 LD held seats 6 have a majority of LD councillors with the only exception being Brent Central which has a Labour majority

There are a number of constituencies here where a single party holds all the council seats:
Conservative: Beckenham; Bromley & Chislehurst; Chelsea & Fulham; Cities of London & Westminster (Westminster wards only); Croydon South; Old Bexley & Sidcup; Romford
Labour: East Ham; Croydon North; Hackney South & Shoreditch; West Ham
In 2010 the Conservatives also won all the seats in Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner and Labour did in Barking and in Camberwell & Peckham but these no longer have 100% representation due to councillors defecting or expulsions

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