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Peter Grant
Liberal Democrat
Jane Ann Liston
Alex Stewart-Clark
Melanie Ward

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  1. Mealnie Ward; a member of Progress Labour "right wing" who is a London based charity worker, not from Glenrothes, or even Fife.
    She was parachuted into the constituency by London based high ranking labour officials. She always harps on about her 3 month stint in Palastine, which has absolutely nothing to do with Glenrothes.
    During the selection process she didn't win either of the three branch meetings, actually she came last. Julie MacDougall who was favourite to win the the selection won two branch meetings. Kay Morrison won 1 branch meeting.
    However at the hustings, Melanie Ward won the vote with a staggering 62 votes, followed by Julie MacDougall with 32 votes then Kay Morrison got 24 votes. Well, that's what everyone was told, as the ballot papers were rushed off to Glasgow, never to be seen by anyone other than the crooks who put Melanie Ward there.
    the Labour Party are up to their "Falkirk" tricks AGAIN!!
    They are taking the voters in safe labour areas for granted and they deserve to lose this seat!