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North West

Con Majority 12 Con Plurality 1 Con Total 13
Lab Majority 52 Lab Plurality 4 Lab Total 56
LD Majority 5 LD Plurality LD Total 5
Oth Majority Oth Plurality Oth Total
No Plurality 1

Of the 22 Conservative held seats in this region, the party has a majority in 12 and a plurality in 1.  Of the remaining 9 seats, Labour has a majority in 6, namely: Bury North; Carlisle; Lancaster & Fleetwood; Rossendale & Darwen; Warrington South; Weaver Vale.  They have a plurality in the other 3, namely: Crewe & Nantwich; Morecambe & Lunesdale; Pendle

Of 47 Labour held seats, the party has a majority in 44 and a plurality in 1 other. In 1 seat (Wirral South) they have a joint plurality with the Conservatives and in 1 other (Oldham East & Saddleworth) the LDs have a majority
There are 7 seats where Labour now hold all the councillors, namely: Ashton under Lyne; Blackley & Broughton; Denton & Reddish; Knowsley; Liverpool Walton; Oldham West & Royton; Salford & Eccles

Of 6 LD seats in the region, the party has a majority of councillors in 4. In the other 2 Labour has a majority, namely: Burnley; Manchester Withington

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  1. You know, I have had it with politics, all of them promise (then fail)
    All of them have corporate interests in their hearts and bankbooks.
    They also cow down to the bankers cartel, the Rothschild s and Morgan Family.
    Why on earth would they let J.P.Morgan run our post office is beyond me.
    It is a known fact that these corporations and bankers are corrupt.
    Nothing will get the economy back on track until the banks are reformed as non corruptible.