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South East

Con Majority 62 Con Plurality 4 Con Total 66
Lab Majority 6 Lab Plurality 1 Lab Total 7
LD Majority 7 LD Plurality 1 LD Total 8
Oth Majority 2 Oth Plurality Oth Total 2
No Plurality 1 1

Of the 75* Conservative held seats in this region, the party has a majority in 62 and a plurality in a further 4.
In 1 seat (Basingstoke) they are tied for a plurality with Labour
There are 2 Conservative held seats which have a majority of Labour councillors, namely: Gravesham; Hastings & Rye and 1 other with a Labour plurality, namely: Reading West
There are 3 Conservative held seats which have a majority of LD councillors, namely: Maidstone & The Weald; Oxford west b& Abingdon; Winchester and 1 other with a LD plurality, namely; Milton Keynes North
There is 1 Conservative held seat where Residents have a majority of councillors, namely: Epsom & Ewell

In the 4 Labour held seats, the 4 LD held seats and the 1 Green held seat, the party which holds the seat at Westminster also holds a majority of local councillors

There are two constituency here where the Conservatives have all the councillors, namely New Forst West and South West Surrey, these being the only examples of such outside of London.
There is one constituency where the LDs have all the councillors, namely Eastleigh, this being the only example of such anywhere

* Includes Buckingham

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