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Con Majority 26 Con Plurality 11 Con Total 37
Lab Majority 3 Lab Plurality 3 Lab Total 6
LD Majority 7 LD Plurality 4 LD Total 11
Oth Majority Oth Plurality 1 Oth Total 1
No Plurality

Of the 36 Conservative held seats in this region, the party has a majority in 23 and a plurality in a further 8.

There is 1 Conservative held seat with a majority of Labour councillors (Plymouth Sutton & Devonport) and 1 with a Labour plurality(Swindon South)
There are 2 Conservative held seats with a LD plurality, namely; Bristol NW; South East Cornwall
and 1 Conservative held seat where Independents have a plurality of councillors, namely: Truro & Falmouth

In the 4 Labour held seats, Labour has a majority of councillors in 2 (Exeter and Plymouth Moor View) and a plurality in the other 2 (Brisol East and Bristol South)

In the 15 LD held seats the party has a majority of councillors in just 7 and a plurality in another 2.
In the remaining 6 seats, the Conservatives have a majority in 3, namely: Somerton & Frome; Torbay; Wells and a pluraity in another 3, namely North Devon; St Ives; Taunton Deane

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