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East Midlands

Con Majority 19 Con Plurality 3 Con Total 22

Lab Majority 19 Lab Plurality 2 Lab Total 21

LD Majority 2 LD Plurality
LD Total 2

Oth Majority
Oth Plurality Oth Total

No Plurality

Of the 30 seats currently held by the Conservatives, the party has a majority of councillors in 19, a plurality in another 3 and have a joint plurality with Labour in 1 (Northampton North)
In the remaining 7 seats, Labour has a majority in 4, namely: Amber Valley, Erewash; Lincoln; Sherwood, and a plurality in 1, namely: High Peak. The LDs have a majority in 2 seats, namely: Bosworth; Harborough

Of the 16 seats currently held by Labour, the party has a majority of councillors in 15 (that is to say all 15 which they won in 2010) and a plurality in 1 (Corby).
They have 100% representation in 4 seats in the region, namely: Leicester East; Leicester West; Nottingham East; Nottingham North

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